Moving from to a self-hosted site

I came across a site owner stuck on some issues involved in moving from to a self-hosted site. Her main concern was having her new site still searchable from the reader. It's easy to see why, as she has built a loyal tribe of over 5000 followers. After writing a quick caveat about cheap web hosting, I didn't think much more about it. But a follow-up comment from her the next day prompted a revisit and some more investigation on my part. And I'm glad I did.

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Security hole in tinyMCE plugin

One of my clients recently found out the hard way that there's a security hole in the tinybrowser plugin for tinyMCE. It's a quick fix if you're already using a session variable to manage authenticated users. But it's not necessarily a straightforward fix if your sessions are managed by Zend_Auth or some other framework.

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