Check your page load speed

Are your website pages up to speed?

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As a site owner in a competitive environment, you need every edge possible to do well in search results. Both Google and Bing have openly stated that page load speed plays a factor in their ranking algorithms. Page load speed is clearly important, and corrective action is usually a simple task. And let’s not forget how page speed plays into the user experience. When a site loads slowly, users grow impatient. By some estimates, nearly half of all users expect a page to load in two seconds or less. And an estimated 40% of users will abandon a site where pages take more than three seconds to load.

Three seconds.

That’s about as long as it will take the average reader to read this sentence. (Did you time yourself?)

Mobile users are even more demanding. Your website should load as quickly on mobile devices. It should also be designed to deliver the best possible user experience, whatever screen size it appears on.

So go ahead…test a page from your site and see how it performs on both mobile and desktop by Google’s standards.

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