Internet Explorer now supports…web standards?


Microsoft apparently decided to take an unconventional approach with its latest browser offerings—they’re going to support standards. According to Rey Bango, a member of the jQuery JavaScript library’s Core Project Team and a Microsoft evangelist, Microsoft is all about supporting web standards beginning with IE 9.

Yeah, I know…IE 9 was released in early 2011. I’ve been hiding under a corporate rock to some extent, despite my work-from-home freedom. My employer supports IE 8 in all their schools, so that’s what I keep on my box for testing.

It must be news to someone besides me, though. Bango has been on at least two blogs talking about this in the last few weeks (The Web Ahead #42, Yet Another Podcast #78). Maybe, like me, most developers just never expected anything like this from IE. We don’t know any different than to write code to support multiple browsers. We never thought we could just write code to web standards, and it would just work, wherever it runs.

Hmm…what will I do with all that extra time?

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