Yeah, it’s the content

It’s the economy, stupid.

With those words, political strategist James Carville focused the discussion of the 1992 Presidential campaign to its bare essence. The phrase allowed Bill Clinton to control the narrative of the campaign, and to lay blame for the economy on his opponent. Together, Carville and Clinton told their story, and reduced George H. W. Bush’s 90% approval rating down to under 65% just prior to the election.

A few well-crafted words, applied in the right circumstances, can change history. Don’t be alarmed. This message isn’t about politics. And I wouldn’t denigrate anyone by calling them stupid, but to paraphrase Carville . . .

It’s the content, stupid.

Photo by xlibber, Creative Commons
Photo by xlibber, Creative Commons

The content is the message. It can change political outcomes. It can change the fortunes of governments, businesses and individuals. It can also affect the visibility and success of your website.

Content is what engages your site visitors. It’s the text that keeps them reading, the pictures that pull them in. It’s the audio and video clips that inform and entertain them. It’s also the magic juju that gets search engine love. Content is the lifeblood of a website. Without a consistent flow of quality content, your website is just a billboard on the outskirts of a ghost town.

I know. I’ve been there.

Are you putting proper focus on your website content? If your online presence is important to your business, your cause, your group — whatever its purpose — invest some time. The ROI is well worth the effort.

But content isn’t the entire story of your online success. It’s just the beginning. Once you have your content plan, it’s time to get it organized. Next, we’ll look at giving your content some structure.

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