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BitSalt Digital web design

Our web development team creates websites with client goals in mind. Do you want to help users make a purchasing decision? Gather leads for your sales team? Provide useful information on a specific topic? Or maybe increase public awareness of your brand? A good design helps direct your users to that end. That means our design starts with you. What are your goals?

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Our Web Design Process


We begin working on your project by clearly defining goals for your website.


Tell us your vision and we’ll design mock-ups to make sure you’re getting exactly what you want. This saves time later by avoiding costly change requests.


The design elements, content, and functionality come together in a beautiful digital display, soon to be ready for the world to see. Testing is an important part of this process.


When all testing has been completed, it’s time to plug your new website into our very own live server, turn it on, and open the gates.


Once your site is launched, you can call or email us anytime you notice a problem (if our team doesn’t catch it first). Maintenance includes software and security updates, backups, and keeping your content freshly updated with new blog posts.

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