DevOps done right

Our DevOps approach to building and maintaining software means agility, quality, reliability, and security are the starting goals. We build software, networking, and hosting solutions designed to fill your specific business needs. Take full advantage of our cloud-based offerings to help you innovate faster and adjust quickly to an ever-changing environment.

Web-based applications
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Management dashboards
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Planning & Development

We build business solutions that evolve with your needs

Business needs change. The software that runs your business has to adapt as well or it becomes obsolete. We design software to be adaptable to changing business needs.

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E-commerce project
Wireframe and prototype
Create dev environment
CI/CD pipeline
Software development is a continuous lifecycle. We're with you at every step.
  • Application health: testing, security, backups
  • Scaling resources to match usage
  • Managing bug reports and feature requests
  • Planning and developing updates
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We use the latest technologies on the market

We use the tools best suited to fulfill your needs.

Programming Tools
Frameworks and Databases
DevOps Tools

Infinite software solutions

From traditional E-commerce sites and cloud-based business management tools to...well, virtually wherever imagination may lead, BitSalt can turn ideas into digital reality.